Friday, March 1, 2013

"The Power Pause" ~ The Healing Breath

What Am I Feeling Right Now? (Write Now!) 

I am noticing that my awareness around breathing is becoming more acute. When I start to feel my energy tapping out, I am being "cued" by my Inner Wise Self to take notice. "Come back into your body and feel the breath," she whispers. As I inhale slowly and deeply I immediately feel my shoulders drop and sense my body fully supported by the chair. I become more engaged with how I am doing right now.
I begin by stretching my spine to sit up taller and continue to breathe checking in with my neck. It feels quite stiff, so I gently look up to the ceiling and then lower my chin to my chest with another exhale. As I continue to breathe deeper into my lungs I expand the diaphragm and notice my entire body release the tension I have been holding. As I do this my emotional body responds as well. Any irritation surfaces immediately.
 Using this opportunity to acknowledge the feeling helps bring me to a place of consideration. Can I let it go? Maybe I need to write about it later, but in the moment of observing, the feeling may soften and be released from the body where I am holding it. This is a great time for me to be present with the emotions and determine where it is actually being held in my body. Once I identify that place, I can direct my breath to that part and ask for healing light to exhale it away. Next I might chose to say a positive self-care message to myself. Or I may hear one arise from my intuitive guidance.
"Relax and let Go." What do you need right now? A cup of tea, a call to a friend, a walk around the block?" Follow your guidance and take that "Pause" before returning to your project.
Doing this Yoga Breath practice not only brings me into the present moment of potential healing, but it also cleanses my lungs of old stale oxygen and replaces it with fresh new energy. A Power Pause is a simple, yet powerful, way to check in and release the tension before it multiplies creating more dis - ease in your body and allowing negative emotions to increase. 
If you tend to move quickly through your day (like I do) multi-tasking without a break, give this a try! Small changes in our self-care can really bring more awareness and daily acceptance to ourselves and others.

Blessings to you as we begin our journey
out of the darkness of winter and into spring.
Blessed Be.
Cynthia Moon