Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Each Day is filled with Divine Treasures

After seven years of many changes and chaos in my life, an email came in from the Red Thread Cafe. It beckoned me to come and paint "The Muse of your own Heart". 

What pulled me there was the remembrance that I was after all an artist, who was just lost in the struggle of reclaiming my ground.  I was not creating in a way that I had originally intended.  Being a Creative spirit I knew I came to share the joy of creativity. But my heart was heavy.

I was side tracked by economic woes and not being able to retire. Resettled, downsized, and working part time with seniors my heart was more than ready to rediscover my true wise self. The one who had never left me, the one who had the strength to keep on going no matter what came into my life. 

But how could I possibility manifest this creative urge to do a new form of painting and do the teachers training as well? It seemed like a fading dream. But my angels knew this was my new edge to fly from. I was not as sure. But one day I was cleaning out a file and found this small pamphlet called "Your Golden Opportunity". This was the poem inside.

God Sends the Thread

by Alvena Hallett


The spider starts to 
spin its web
Without a thread in sight...
But it works,
God send the thread,
to weave the dream so light.

Be not afraid 
to start to weave,
That dream you would achieve...
Trusting in Goddess
just go ahead,
She knows your need,
She'll send the thread.

My heart  flew open wide with angel shivers up my arm! When you paint  "The Color of Woman" method through the Red Thread community, a special ceremony is performed using a red thread  which is passed around the circle to each one. The message is from an old tradition of many faiths. That those who were connected before birth by a cosmic red thread were meant to meet again in this life. And so as we join in circles, we remember our calling by passing the thread and tying one on each others wrist. In this way we support each other on the  journey of self discovery, and we can tug on the thread when one of us needs extra prayers or support. 
 Some times it's just a feeling, sometimes it's a song on the radio, and sometimes it's an old prayer that falls out of a folder that your angels bring to your awareness to find the answer you are waiting for. And all I had to do was say "Yes" and the rest unfolded in the miracle of what is now.
 I am guided on this new journey of offering workshops to woman who are looking for a new way to express their individual stories, their hopes and fears, the very healing of their souls right on the canvas, the cosmos of possibilities and dreams. The connection to our own personal heart space. If you are called to explore this beautiful process of Intentional Creativity with me, I would be honored to be your guide you as you step up to the canvas with magic paint brushes to meet your Muse and join the red thread community of woman around the world creating a place for transformation and joy!           

This great work was given to us from Shiloh Sophia McCloud.
An artist, writer, shaman, wild woman, and cosmic cowgirl from Ca.
Her vision is one of women and girls healing around the world through Intentional