Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome Spring! ~ Gift of the Flower Fairies

Welcome Spring! ~
Gift of the Flower Fairies           

Every moment our spirit shows us the blessings in everyday living if we slow down enough to look and listen. How we expand that place of "seeing with an inner eye depends on how we chose to create our life. Are we seeing all that spirit has for us?
Question the Rose. How does its beauty and fragrance effect us? If we would just stop to glance and smell its amazing scent, could the moment shift our energy into a magic space of receiving its gifts?  Can a flower bring you a gift beyond its physical existence?
 My African violet was sadly neglected. It had not bloomed in months. I noticed how over grown it had become. That sad feeling came up of when would I have to make the decision to just throw it away saving me the time to re-pot it. My glance and questioning this made me pause and notice that the violet was rapidly creating many new starter plants. How could I ignore it's abundant growth! I felt it calling to me. I then made the decision to enjoy the warm spring day and take it outside and gently separate the new sprouts. I found new pots in the garage and began setting them into their new homes. I felt so much lighter after connecting with the plants and the soil. I gave two away and kept three in the cottage window sill on the big shaded porch. Like three sisters sitting in a row, they seemed to thrive with just the right amount of sun. Their leaves began to thicken and shine. But no buds.
At the time I was committing myself to a Friday morning "painting play day". Music and watercolors bring out the child in me, and I felt the violets cheering me on. Taking time for me for a few hours while I watched the lake activity was very healing. I still wondered about my very "violet" violets. Were they waiting for fall when all the outside blossoms would be gone?
Fall came too soon. And as I moved the sisters three to a window sill back at the house I noticed some very small buds hiding under the leaves. Then many more! My heart leaped as I realized that I was also starting to bloom after a long period of doubt, sadness, and fear. My heart was lighter and so the violets came. 1-2-3 and more.
They filled the spaces between the rich green leaves with precious purple gems. A red violet hue surrounded a white center. I watch them daily and accepted the gift of their beauty while I pondered the message they gave me, of growing within me a new awareness of more light. And the patience to love and honor where I am on my spiritual path. I remember that red violet is the color of the hand chakra of creativity.

These are the violet fairies!  And I am grateful for their sweet message.

     Cynthia Moon