Friday, February 13, 2015

"Wild Freedom" Friday

What is it that can make my Heart OPEN Wild and Wide?

On a cold -0 morning with sore muscles that need to be stretched and warmed, I treat myself to the luxury of a hot shower. Friday is my day off the road helping others. I move a little slower appreciating a house heated by a pellet stove and oil backup. And the glorious "Father" Sun appearing in the SE after days of cold and grey. This feeling of heightened joy as I feel the rays of golden energy streaming through my windows. Even Lilly Cat is stretched out taking in the precious passive solar gift. So Today "I claim my Wild Freedom Friday"! Friday the 13th - my wisdom number Born and married on the 13th. It is an energy magnet for me. I will let the beauty around me lift my cares away just for today. Home with my furry friend and only Art to command at my will. (Well after I start the laundry) 
I will have no thoughts of lack today. I have sent the "Critic" outside to count snowflakes, for she is most interested in preventing me from harm and will surely report later on what I need to be concerned about with the upcoming storm.:) This way she will not be on my shoulder while I work with my Muse of Creative Play. I love to see every object and every pattern of light and design around me as inspiration in my "Life of Overflowing Joy".

How can I live from this place, when I also have days of overwhelm, too many challenges, and not enough belief in myself to be motivated, or to know what I truly need? The dark days are always there to turn us toward the light. To reach higher, to Love more, and learn more about ourselves.

I use the tools of Intention.... 
To stay in Self Awareness of what is...
Accepting my emotions- all of it..
And also listening to the judgement of my critic (small self)
Then with my Muse questioning what I really want to create.
And taking time to SHIFT myself back to Clarity and Self-Love.

It takes commitment and a little time to do this. It is Heart Centered work. And I can magnify it by calling in my Angelic team. You see, they want us to have more "wild freedom" moments. And as we commit to becoming our true selves, we raise our vibration and begin to feel their presence with us. How can you do this? One of the tools is to think of the little things that make you happy! Become that child who looks and sees tiny miracles of beauty, and treat yourself to using a gratitude list every day. You can use a journal or just one single sheet of paper.
Write 10 things you are grateful for and see how it lifts you up! really feel it as you write it. 
Play a song that makes you "Happy". As you lift yourself up you will affect everyone around you. It is an inside job that grows to become an outward BEAM from your HEART!

Have a "WILD FREEDOM" Friday!
 You are your own special Valentine!
Honor your own Heart. 
Meditate on your own Self.
                                        God-Goddess dwells in You. Blessed Be.

My workshops are based on this work of Intentional Creativity started by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. All of us using this method are intending to open a way for ( especially Women and girls) healing and empowerment through art and writing. Contact me for info on scheduling a session or workshop.

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