Friday, April 14, 2017

Trust the Seeding to Reveal the Miracles

Awaken to Spring in the sweet energy of change and Love

Listening to "Remember the Light" music by Kevin Kern. Angel chills running through my heart as I write these words. Here with intention to honor this day, Good Friday, with my awareness and love. After meditation with Meg Benedicte I stretch to Yoga poses and I light 3 candles in the salt stone. Sending light and healing to those who are in need at this moment. I am listening to soul music and watching the sunshine streaming in with rainbows on the wall. Holding sacred space of allowing release and peace. As I look out the window, I see the first sighting of many purple and yellow finch. nuthatcher, chicadees and grey titmouse returning to the feeder. All of them gathered together makes my heart sing. This is a day to gather our seeds of hope, wisdom, and trust in the divine, in the goodness of life .

Cindy Taylor Clark copyright 2017

Angel message

Forgive the sadness, chaos, and unjustice you see in the world. You are here to fully step into your own sweet awareness of the Love that you are. No one can keep you from that knowing except yourself. Find solace in awakening to Spring within you. Place your hand on your heart and breathe forgiveness, love, and hope into your whole Being.
You are no less than the beauty of nature that you see around you. You are here to acknowledge this beauty within yourself, and by practicing Self Love you will not only heal your misconceptions, but your acts of love will ripple out and touch the earth and everything and everyone. Choose to bring loving to your every moment in a state of gratitude and wonder. Accept all feelings as the gateways of your journey. Look, listen, touch, taste, and smell with intention and inquiry. Let your intuition blossom and grow into strength and purpose. This will serve you well. Spring forward into the precious sunlight of your own Heart Song. Love is truly all that is. Blessed Be.  
You are never alone, We are always with you.
Call on us when you need support in any way.
Your Angels of the Divine Alignment Team

Cindy Taylor Clark
Threads of Light
Angelspeak Messages                                              

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sweet Birch Musings ~ between the paint and the canvas

2017 copyright Cindy Taylor Clark

Smooth and soft,
Dark eyes and flowing marks,
Sturdy branches, singing leaves,
Paper thin, revealing fibers,
Stretching tall, swaying wind,
Tell me sister birch your message here. (angel message from my Sweet Birch)

I offer you this day, my essence of deep earth and open sky.
My slender branches that sway and bend,
with leaves of green and yellow hue
that sing a song so sweet and true.
All life is flowing inside roots from deep below.
 I hold that place of peace that calls to you.
 Come to nurture your heart by me,
 and feel the love we join in Being silent here
Ask me now your healing concern,
and I will hold your heart with mine.
Take this time to feel this joy of letting go,
and dance by me into overflow.
 Practice peace just for a time each day
 in gratitude for all we share.
The earth and sun, the sky and stars
 are mirrors of who you really are.
Look up, feel down, and breathe
the life inside your healing arms.
Send light and love in all you do,
for nature is the beauty that shines in you.
Blessed are the days that Be,
come and play and sway with me.
Watch my shadows come and go,
feel my strength and keep my song
in tune with yours.
I am your faithful friend and more.
Feel our essence soar.
Thank you for opening to my place of
standing tall, moving gently, and blessing all.

Painting my birch energy on a 12 x 12 canvas
Threads of Light
Cindy Taylor Clark