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Full Moon October Roses

Full Moon October Roses ~ A Healing Release                         October 30th, 2015

Yesterday my Angels showed me a dozen lemon colored roses at WalMart in the produce aisle. I knew it was time to do ritual, to honor and release the busyness in my life. After doing chores, and cooking blueberry muffins for my retired client, I headed home. It was nice to feel a balmy 68 degree October day. It reminded me of being in Texas or Florida. But for Maine, it is just a pause, a short break from the cold hard frosts and cooler days we are now experiencing.
Even when I am not feeling at my best, my guidance leads me to the right outcome. After dinner, I chose to listen to a healing lecture with John Newton. Remembering to grab my art journal and markers, I began listening by tuning in and doodling a "Freedom Page" . That is, just surrendering to the moment of letting the marker glide without needing to create a specific image. Circular movements created a matrix of interlocking shapes. I then added hearts and circles within those. Being in the "No time~ No place" moment of surrender, as I listened. I intuitively picked up pink, green, and blue, and colored in the patterns that showed up. I also added some of the healing words he spoke about getting to the root of healing.
Though I do find time to exercise, do yoga, and eat healthy between all the demands of daily living, my body is feeling tired and sore. What some call Sciatica, stiffness and nerve pain in the lower back and legs has been my challenge lately. It takes me one hours each morning to soften the pain with stretches and breathing to move on with my day. I also find that meditation also helps to relieve it.
As I continue to listen to John using his release method on the group call, I intend to receive what healing can manifest. Relaxed and feeling lighter, I head for bed. I lay down and place my hands on my hips to activate Reiki healing and call in my Angel team to work on me in the sleep state.
Angels are always ready to assist us in this way, but we must ask them before they are allowed to respond. This is a universal law.

Wild Freedom Friday~
I awake the next morning without the alarm, sleeping in until 7 am.  As I walk into the living room, I am greeted by a blazing red and pink sunrise. I grab my camera and shoot! A gift from the Divine! A sign of YES, you are nurturing yourself today! I see my yellow moon roses reflecting that inner compassion and love right here, right now.  I Am giving and receiving just by being in the moment of gratitude. I insert my Garden CD, light a candle surrounded by chakra stones, and I call in Our Lady's Love to surround me and my family with healing support.
My intention is to "Return to Love" in this moment and I feel the sweet release in my body. I look around and see all that needs to be done, but hear my angels say, "that can wait till tomorrow." So today I choose to feel the deep healing within. I set the yoga mat out between shoes, cat toys, and books. Sweet Lilly cat joins me as I stretch and breathe. She stretches and purrs too, waiting for my touch. Her softness and gentle spirit soothes me and we become spirit buddies" Being" in tune as the morning light streams in.

Yellow Roses, white Light,
Red and pink and purple sky,
Green living leaves of plants beside,
Purple violets in clay pots bloom,
With Altar stones and Fairy cards
Set on cotton cloth and wood
Honor East, Sunrise and Heart fire.
Warm Sun streams, hot Tea flowing in
I embrace these healing gifts
Blessed Morning, I chose to BE.

As I move my body into surrender, child pose, feelings of my ancestors come flooding in. Grandmothers and grandfathers remembered. I do not know all of them, but feel the strong pull of the Red Thread that connects us all. The tears come, I honor the feelings of the paths they walked. I know their lives were lived to pass on the lessons we are here to receive. In the pain and the healing, we are all one in the Journey of Love. No matter what. I choose to Let Go and be here now. I am connected to the Divine Love that accepts and blesses all experience.
I feel the compassion for myself and all beings who have walked the earth. I realize that my grandfather led me to the yellow roses. He promised to protect and guide my daughter's journeys from above. I am in gratitude to my angels and ancestors for guiding me into full moon ritual this day.
I am guided to skip the shower, grab my cup of tea and journal, and be in Cafe' as Shiloh says, to sit and allow time for me to just heal in the present moment with pen in hand.
As I write, Sweet Lilly climbs into the linen cupboard beside me for a nap. The yellow roses begin to slowly open their petals in perfect Love and Grace. I drink in the soft mellow yellow and delicate curly edges. Outside the sun breaks through the clouds while the golden yellow leaves that still cling to the branches dance in the fall breeze.
I miss the days when I could stay home every day creating, sewing, drawing and playing with children. Sweet times. Now I help seniors, my Dad (92) included, navigate their lives a few hours a week. Finding time for myself to write and paint through Intentional Creativity is my challenge and my love. I look forward to the fall and winter months to go within deeper into the desires of my heart. I am moving and expressing with the Divine. There is more to learn, to dream and to share.
I place my hand on my Heart and receive this day in beauty and grace.
And as the song "Open my Heart" begins the tears of release come again.
I send you each loving compassion for your self and your loved ones. Blessed Be.

"Loaura Moon"
Cindy Taylor Clark

I invite you to come and create with me one on one, or in a group setting for your own personal healing journey.       John                    

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