Friday, February 19, 2016

Wild Writing on Freedom Friday

Wild Writing on Freedom Friday 
Feb. 19, 2016

In gratitude of the "Light" today. Temps from 14 degrees to 19 at 9:30. Many winged ones gather at the feeder. Yellow finch, purple martins, chickadees, nut hatchers, and wrens. Sweet Lilly sits in attention by the kitchen window. Music of light and joy streams on my cable channel. Still sitting in my red fluffy bathrobe at 9:30. It must be "Freedom Friday". In Red Thread Cafe' as my teacher,
 Shiloh Sophia calls it, we take the time to pause and reflect on the moment we are in. Free writing without much editing to allow that which wants to surface to begin to inform us. To allow "The Flow" to bring our awareness to what we want to create.  This activity is very grounding and healing. And this is the morning that I can attend to my own Musings.
In celebration of more light, I share this offering of inspiration. Aho.

 The Rainbows dance on my walls.
Pencils and crayons, and card decks,
 Revealing angel messages,
 Inspirations from the Muse.
 Sweet chants to the Holy Space of One.
Oneness of breath, sight, and sound.
The touch of my pen flowing over blue lines,
In my wild woman journal of time
Amazing Grace of blue ink instead
of text message and email.
A time apart to let life flow and dance.
With every cell in awareness of the beauty we hold,
This "no time" that I Am choosing
 Right here and right now.
So healing, so needed, such a blessing to me,
As emotions well up from the deep place within.
Holding space for all loved ones
With Creation all around.
Just one Breath in conscious gratitude
Bringing chills of blessed joy.
I intend to "let go" and just allow.
Dearest angels of the Heart
Direct my steps on this day.
As I gaze at the rose buds
moving into their next stage.
They prepare to return
To the earth from where they came.
 Dry, ruffled, and spiraled, unwinding
The rhythm, each a portal of mystery,
From beginning to ending.
Giving a peaceful reflection
They ask of me to ponder, to understand.
Such a wonder of the Divine
In all aspects of nature's design,
I contemplate the loveliness here
Blossoming essence, and then
The dropping away.
What can I dream anew?
To begin again.
Connected to the winged ones, the sky,
The Earth, the woven threads,
The kitten and my own true Heart.

I Am whole, guided and loved this day.  Blessed Be.

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