Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Self-care on a Winter's Day

     Releasing Any expectation ~ Move into this Day

This is a good morning for Self-care.
Being kind to the body, mind and spirit.
My attention to feeling what soreness
                       needs attending, I shower with gratefulness.                    
                                                Hot water, holy water, streaming over me.

Then with awareness of being present
I anoint my wrists, my jaw, my belly,
 and feet with lemon, mint, and lavender oil
                                                           Letting them sink into my skin,
 I accept their healing balm.

Holy music playing, I dress for exercise
knowing I will be the only one there
on this snowy day. A day to wonder at the
whiteness covering every branch and rock.
I had just about decided that winter was too
much for me, and then this
Silence and beauty falling like angel feathers
calling me to feel the sacredness of this sight.

Home again I shovel the deck with care,
and then look back to the maple tree
covered with her new gown of fresh snow.
My chickadees are calling at the feeder now.
Taking the feeder inside, I smell the cinnamon
 granola cooling on the stove.
 My morning treat with yogurt, nuts, and applesauce
 creates a Sunday kind of offering to my Muse.

 She is content to feel and smell and taste and linger
 before starting the day here at the blog space.
 A long awaited return. Ahh.
It feels refreshing and does help to stay in the moment
before the new days list is resumed.

At the computer now, I check in with my breath,
Breathing down into the belly, grounding here and now.
Pause. Be in more gratitude. Ask for guidance before any
challenges pop in for a visit.
I am Now intending to be right here. The day is fresh
 like the falling snow.
And all is well. More Blessings are invited in.

thank you to The Divine, the Angels, and my open Heart.

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